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Best Chapter Awards
  • Best Chapter Awards received by Khurja Chapter
    • Year 2008 during 71st Annual Session in Bangalore
    • Year 2010 during 74st Annual Session in Kolkata
    • Year 2012 during 76st Annual Session in Ahmadabad
Awards Highlights
  • National and International awards highlights of Khurja
    • First time, All India Pottery Manufacturers’ Association has given G K Bhagat Memorial Award to Hazi Aizaz Ahmed, M/s Sayeed Potteries, Khurja on 02.02.2015 during 78th Annual Session of The Indian Ceramic Society at Jamshedpur.
    • Dr. L. K. Sharma received Global Star Award of American Ceramic society in January, 2013 in Daytona – Florida.
    • Mr. J. S. Minhas received Sahaj Memorial Award during 75th Annual session in Agra.
    • Haji Eijaj Ahemad(Gudda) received State award in 2012 for Handicraft.
    • Mr. Zahir Ahmed received National Award of Handicraft in 2012.
    • LNG supply started in 2013.
    • New Memorial Award – Chhatwal H.S. initiated in 2014.
    • Organized Global Ceramics Leadership Roundtable in January 2013. Dr. George G. Vicks, President – ACS, Dr. M. J. Singh, Trustee – ACS and Ms. Megan Bricker, Director Membership – ACS visited Khurja White Ware Cluster.
    • Dr. L. K. Sharma delivered invited lectures in Yokohama National University and Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan in 2012.
    • Mr. Darshan Chhatwal and Mr. Guljeet Minhas from M/s Silico & Chemico Porcelain Works visited exhibitions in Dubai, Italy, Germany and China.
    • Common Facility Centre under the financial support from DC(MSME), Directorate of Industries, Govt. of U.P. and Technical support from CGCRI, Khurja under the leadership of Mr. Rajeev Kalra in November 2013.
    • Export Trade Centre in Khurja ready for display by 25 exporters.
    • Chapter foundation day celebrated on 4th August 2013 with Mr. M.K.S. Sundram, IAS, Collector – G. B. Nagar, Chief Guest of Award function.
Memorial Awards Given By Chapter
  • Dr. T.N. Sharma Memorial Award
    • Dr. L. K. Sharma, SIC, CGCRI, Khurja Centre (04.08.2014)
    • Prof. Devendra Kumar from Varanasi(2013)
    • Mr. Shiv Jatiya from Khurja(2012)
    • Mr. Janab Abdul Rahim from Khurja(2011)
    • Mr. Anil Agrawal from Sikandrabad(2010)
    • Dr. R.G. Saha from Bangalore(2009)
    • Mr. Prann Bhaskar from Delhi(2008)
    • Dr. G.N. Agrawal from Varanasi(2007)
    • Mr. J.S. Minhas & Mr. Rashid Hussain Khan both from Khurja(2006)
  • Sri. Sardar Pratap Singh Memorial Award
    • Mr. P. K. Shukla, Vice President, M/s Surya Roshni Ltd., Kashipur (2014)
    • Dr. Chandresh Agrawal from Hyderabad (2013)
    • Mr. Rajesh Agrawal from Jaipur(2012)
    • Mr. Manmohan Bhaskar from Noida (2011)
    • Mr. Mohammed Abbas from Moradabad(2010)
    • Mr. R.B. Singh form Gurgaon(2009)
    • Prof. Mahadeoappa Gadge from Gulbarga (Kamataka)(2008)
  • Late Shri H.M.S. Chhatwal Memorial Award-2014
    • Mr. Badiuzzama Khan, Greater Noida (2014).
  • Smt. Angoori Devi Memorial Award
    • Mr. Saurabh Yadav, Govt. Polytechnic, Firozabad (2014)
    • Mr. Dilshad Shah, Govt. Polytechnic, Firozabad (2014)
    • Km. Radha Tomer from Gulaothi and Mr. Rishabh from Khurja(2013)
    • Mr. Mahavir Singh Rathore from Jhajjar and Mr. Hitesh Kumar Sain from Khurja(2012)
    • Mr. Ankesh Kumar from Khurja & Mr. Rohit Kumar from Gulaothi(2011)
    • Mr. Navit Kumar from Khurja & Km. Sunakshi Saini from Gulaothi(2010)
    • Mr. Ritesh Kumar Sharma from Khurja & Brijveer Singh from Gulaothi(2009)
    • Mr. Prakash Kumar Sharma from Khurja & Mr. Deepak Sharma from Jhajjar(2008)
  • Smt. Vimal Devi Memorial Award
    • Mr. Jitendra Prasad from Khurja(2006)
    • Mr. Arun Kumar Joshi from Delhi(2007)
    • Mr. Avinsah Arya from Ghazibad(2009)
    • Mr. Arun Yadav from Solan(2010)
    • Mr. J.C. Wadhwa from Ghaziabad(2011)
    • Dr. B. S. Tyagi from New Delhi(2012)
    • Dr. (Smt.)M. Lalithambika from Palakkad, Kerala(2013)
  • Sri. C.L. Khanna Memorial Award
    • Mr. H.L. Nagbhushan Rao from Bangalore (2008)
    • Mr. H.S. Sathvanarayana Rao from Bangalore(2009)
    • Mr. Praveen Dangwal from Jagdishpur(2010)
    • Not Given(2011)

Clusters in Chapter
  • Khurja
  • Firozabad
  • Kanpur
  • Dehradun
  • Kashipur
  • Moradabad
  • Roorkee
  • Meerut
  • Ghaziabad
  • Noida
  • Greater Noida
  • Agra
  • Mathrua

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